"Gimme Shelter," Deconstructed

UPDATE:   Weak!  Apparently ABKCO filed a dispute with YouTube, and now no one gets to hear these.  Once again, record companies do their part to advance culture for all of us...

So this is pretty awesomeSome guy on YouTube has posted individual videos isolating the audio tracks from the Rolling Stones classic "Gimme Shelter."  You can hear the vocals, drums, guitar, and bass tracks all separated - and often bleeding through on each other a little bit.  The result is pretty damn amazing...and mashup-ready!

You should really check out the full set, but if you want proof that this is really cool, here's the vocals featuring Mick Jagger and Merry Clayton.  Really pretty spine-tingling.


Why Does Everyone Rip Off "Tommy?"

I have a weird issue where I often feel that every band in the world is ripping off The Who's "Tommy."  And of course, I'm usually correct.  However, usually I'm not sitting at my computer when I notice this.  [Editor's note:  yes I am, I just never think to blog about it.  I'm always sitting at my computer.]  Well, they're not going to get away with it this time!  "They" being Belle and Sebastian, those lovable Scots who never met a pipe organ riff they didn't like.  On their new album "Write About Love," B&S have a song that I would say is about 80% composed of a song off of "Tommy."  In particular, the movie soundtrack version of "Tommy," which features different instrumentation (among other differences) from the album version.  The rip-offage occurs right off the bat, getting really obvious once the drums and organ kick in (about 8 seconds in). 

You be the judge:

"I'm Not Living In The Real World" by Belle and Sebastian:

"Go to the Mirror (OST version)" by The Who:


By the way, that's Jack Nicholson singing on "Go to the Mirror."  Top that, Scots!