The 2018 Holiday Music That Doesn't Suck Playlist

Hello boys and girls. As I write these words, it's not even December and I've already subjected my family to a month (+ a few days, if we're being honest) of Christmas music, Chanukah music, New Years Eve music, basically anything and everything I can get my hands on that might qualify as holiday music that doesn't suck. Of course, the sad truth is that most of it really, really does suck. A lot. (I'm looking at you, Eric Clapton.) But never fear, girls and boys, Jordan Claus is here to sift through all that crap so you don't have to! And sift I have.

This year's playlist started, as they usually do, as a list of 20-30 songs that didn't make it to last year's playlist. Some of them fit in just fine this year, others were as appetizing as stale Christmas cookies (I mean, I'll still eat 'em). Then of course I had to add another 50 tracks or so of all the new (to me, not necessarily stuff that came out this year) tunes I had made my way through since I busted out my bottomless xmas playlist way back in August October.

So pour yourself a glass (or three) of nog, turn on the Netflix fireplace, cuddle up under your Snuggie, and feast your ears on some holiday cheer as we dive into this year's Wired for Music Holiday Music That Doesn't Suck playlist. Enjoy, and drop me a comment if you liked it!