2012 Holiday Music That Doesn't Suck

People have asked me over the years, "why does a nice atheist Jewish boy like you love Christmas music so much?"  To that I have several answers, but here's 3:
1)  About 60% of all holiday music [Editor's note: percentage not determined via any remotely scientific method] is different versions of the same song.  I love cover songs for the way that a good cover can bring out what is unique about a band's sound.  So it's not a big leap that I would really love hearing a bunch of different bands/composers/etc. all try their hands at the same handful of songs.
2)  If you're going to imply that a Jew can't love Christmas music, you should probably tell that to the Jews who wrote many of the Christmas songs that are so famous today.
3)  Most of these songs are not about Christmas.  Seriously, why do the goyim get a monopoly on riding in a one-horse sleigh?  Or letting it snow?  Or walking through a winter wonderland?  Or date-raping your girlfriend when it's cold outside?
So I guess my point is, music is music, and good music is where you find it.  And this music is good.
What are you listening to his holiday season?  Tell me in the comments, and have a happy pagan December holiday!