Curse you, Mika!

Picture of Mika by flickr user Alyson HauMika, I'm trying hard not to fall your Freddie Mercury impersonation and your ridiculously catchy songs. And I am failing. After track 1 of your album made my Guilty Pleasures list, I never thought you would get me again. But here I am, playing track 2 on repeat over and over again.

Thanks for ruining my street cred.

For the rest of you, please enjoy "Lollipop" by Mika. I hope you can resist it more than I did.


Unknown said...

Don't know if you listen to Scissor Sisters, but if you love this then I highly recommend the tracks Take Your Mama and Music Is The Victim

99 said...

i warned/encouraged you . . .

the good news is that the rest of the album isn't quite as entertaining.