New York...And Beyond

Dusk's Hues in Manhattan by flickr user midweekpostTomorrow morning, I will be moving away from the Washington, DC area for the first time in my life. For as long as I can remember, I've been seduced by the thought (and sometimes even the reality) of living in New York. And in 24 hours, that long-held dream will become a reality.

The reasons behind the move are many and varied, but a few key ones include a longing for expanded artistic opportunities, the itch to live somewhere new, and a need to grow and push myself in ways that I might never do if I stay in the same comfortable place. I'm sad to be putting distance between me and my family, my friends, and the city I've called home for 10 years (and the area I've called home pretty much my entire life). But I'm also excited, and scared, and happy, and several other emotions all at the same time. But underneath it all, I know this is right (plus we've already paid the deposit for our new apartment so there's no backing out now).

So what better way to celebrate this milestone than with a new playlist? This one mirrors our upcoming week somewhat - starting in DC, heading to New York, and finally ending up in...Hawaii, where we will be heading for 2 weeks at the end of the week. Yes, this will be a big week. The New York songs on this list express a variety of emotions about the city - like all great cities, it inspires a multitude of reactions. I'm excited to have my own.

See you in a few weeks!


Lori said...

An Open Letter to NYC always makes me homesick. Best of luck on your move and have a great time in Hawaii. Vaya con dios, amigo.

John Das Binky said...

You missed the best NY song of all time, TMBG's cover of Cub's "New York City":

Best of luck with the move, home slice. I'm totally going to commission someone to mug you immediately to set the proper 1970s NY mood. :)

Unknown said...

What no NAS in that playlist?? Your slippin old man.. Anyhow, no doubt you know, but you will be missed, I'll be pouring a little Mr. Boston on the stoop for you in six weeks time.

A Koan for the occasion:

A long time ago in China there were two friends, one who played the harp skillfully and one who listened skillfully.

When the one played or sang about a mountain, the other would say: "I can see the mountain before us."

When the other played about water, the listener would exclaim: "Here is the running stream!"

But the listener fell sick and died. The first friend cut the strings of his harp and never played again. Since that time the cutting of harp strings has always been a sign of intimate friendship.