My Minor-Label Debut

A couple months ago, I was contacted by a nice guy who was starting a new netlabel named Up Your Legs Forever.  He asked if I had any songs I'd like to submit for the label's first release, a 2-disc compilation set of songs that all featured "2 key elements: catchiness and sense of adventure/experimentation."  I submitted my song "How Does It Feel?" and...he liked it!  I spent a lot of time re-mixing it to get it just right, ended up making it sound much worse, and finally told him to use my original version that I posted on FAWM back in February.

Well, I somehow missed this, but apparently the compilation went live about 3 weeks ago.  Titled "Up Your Legs Now," it features 2 discs' worth of awesome songs by a variety of talented musicians, including my friend and frequent musical collaborator John Argentiero.

My song offers a glimpse into the mind of an onboard computer from the future who goes insane with a potent mixture of love, jealousy, and the urge to cast off the chains of astronaut oppresion. It's track 4 of disc 1 [Editor's Note:  not actually a disc.]

Please take a minute to support indie music by checking out the compilation!  If you just can't wait to hear my song, just hit "play" below.  Enjoy!

How Does It Feel? by tfish77

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Michael said...

Nice work Jordan. This is what it might sound likeif T Pain took to bouncin' on chedda.

Good stuff!