imeem Playlists Win My Heart

Hi, everybody. What's that, you say? Long time, no see? Well, I've been out of town for a while, and the summer heat has slowed me down lately. But I missed you guys too. So to celebrate our reunion, I thought I'd revisit one of my favorite topics: imeem playlists.

I've been vexed by the creation process in the past, had to tweak my integration code to deal with strange color problems, and been mystified as to why some songs turn into 30-second clips when you view a playlist outside of imeem's domain.

Those issues haven't gone away entirely, but on the whole, the process of creating a new playlist has gotten much smoother, and the end result is really nice, too. I like the new look and feel of the playlists, and I like that I didn't have to do anything to convert my old playlists to the new look.

So, without further ado, here's a little playlist I whipped up in honor of my least favorite season, summer. Enjoy! (I decided not to upload any of my own tracks for this one, and just take what I could find on imeem - that led to some cool finds, like live versions of Paul Simon songs and such. Woohoo!)

....Just kidding. The text above was the post I had planned to publish. Really and truly. But that was before I saved my new playlist in imeem, did something else for a while, then tried to come back and add more music to it. Due to a bug in their playlist creation module, I can't see any of my existing playlists, so I have no way to add new music to them. Which is my summer playlist is now only 3 tracks long. And to think, I was almost going to give imeem unadulterated praise.

Summer Songs


Molly Malone said...

these songs sound like siblings. (pretend i have the vocabulary to address the features they have in common.) i'd be curious if the rest of the original playlist was in this vein, too. interesting that this is what summer sounds like to you. now i'm curious what summer "sounds" like to me. i know what saturday afternoons in september and october sound like to me ...

Oliver Chesler said...

You may like my recent blog post about Imeem playlists (I saw your Imeem comment on Twitter by the way): http://www.wiretotheear.com/2008/07/29/why-imeem-is-great-crazy-weird-playlists/

99 said...

i've been trying to steal extra golden but can't find it in flac.

buffalo soldiers? really?