Santogold: I Am Late To This Party

SantogoldDo you like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, M.I.A. and Amy Winehouse? Ever wish you could listen to all of them at once plus a little more? Well then Santogold is for you.

I say I'm late to this party because I am - Pitchfork reviewed her album back in May, and I'm sure all the cool kids and hipsters knew about her way before I did. But no matter - I can still enjoy things even if (gasp!) I'm not the first one to hear about them.

I'm not much of a reviewer, so I'll let her music speak for itself, but I will say that this album is, for the most part, great. The three tracks below remind me of the three artists referenced in the first paragraph, in that order. What do you think?

Sorry to use the 30-second clips again, but A) imeem didn't have the tracks I wanted, and B) someone actually bought an MP3 from the last post (thanks!) and now I have a taste for blood.


Mr. Emily said...

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who thinks Amy Whinehouse is an overrated piece of hyped shit.

I did like M.I.A. That record from a few years ago jammed.

Amanda said...

Wow, this is a red-letter day: turns out I heard of someone before you did. :) (She was profiled in NY Mag a few months back...)

Sorry if this comment amounts to a public shaming!

Jordan Hirsch said...

@mr. emily: I agree with your take on Amy Winehouse. She's not doing anything that wasn't done years and years ago, but she does have a couple good tracks on her album.

And both M.I.A. albums are super-jams.

@amanda: Wow! Congrats. I am publicly shamed.

99 said...

huh. i was totally underwhelmed when i heard this (a few months ago - really, where have you been?), but i suppose i could give it another try.

check out sharon jones and the dap kings if you like amy winehouse.

99 said...

listened again. still totally underwhelmed. i think the way she sings is more like missing persons than any of the things you mention. and she has the same cheesy 80s vibe.

Molly Malone said...

i actually just heard her on NPR today! i could hear the MIA likeness, but didn't really pick up on the amy winehouse flavor nor the yeah, yeah, yeahs. but to be fair, i think i've only heard the yeah, yeah, yeahs maybe once and my brain was trying to juggle a work assignment and i wasn't actively listening.

however, i did listen enough to know she sounded like how pop-rocks dancing on my tongue feel and crayons melted into a rainbow look. that is to say superhappyfuntime that makes my nose crinkle!

Anonymous said...

hearing this for the first time, i thought it was tegan and sara