SonicLiving Keeps Emailing Me

A while back I signed up for SonicLiving (after hearing about them from pandora_radio's twitter feed - take that, analog life!), a service that tells you about shows coming to your town from bands you like. I've written about similar services in the past, but this one has 2 interesting twists:

  1. Instead of having to type in your bands like Tourfilter, or having it scan your iTunes library, like SongKick, SonicLiving scans your Pandora & Last.FM profiles once a week to look for artists that you like. I'm not sure what algorithm it uses - if it's your most listened to artists on Last.FM, or only artists you've thumbs-upped [Editor's note: what's the right way to conjugate that?] on Pandora, or maybe artists you used to seed a station, or what, but whatever, its cool. It can scan your iTunes library if you want it to, but I like that it gives me these other options since I hate iTunes.

  2. They email me about every 5 minutes telling me about shows.
I'm exaggerating, but only a little. They do email me a lot. I can change that in the preferences, but for now it's kind of cool to get all these reminders about bands I probably wouldn't have bothered to type into Tourfilter (hello, Grizzly Bear!). The Last.FM integration is definitely handy when I add new bands to my collection and start listening to them, but forget to add them to Tourfilter (bands like The Dodos and Cut Copy, for example, both of whom are apparently coming to DC in September).

Anyone else signed up for this thing yet?

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Molly Malone said...

can't comment on the service, but will comment on conjugation. the past tense you want is a little tricky. the infinitive is "to thumbs up" a song, so i would vote that the correct tense is "thumbed up." like "picked up" or "stood up." the tricky part is that where pick and stand are verbs, thumb is a noun. and even though it's being used as a verb, it's not really verbified in this case. it's still used as a noun wedged awkwardly in a compound verb. and it's a plural noun at that, which discourages you even more from messing with its morphology. but frankly, even if you don't pluralize the "thumb," i still stand by my arguement.
... just my guesstimation. if you want to thumb up my two cents.