Follow Up: SanFranTech MusicTech Summit

Jason Feinberg has a good writeup of the SanFran MusicTech Summit over at the PBS blog MediaShift (managed by my friend and all-around new media guru Mark Glaser). If nothing else, this blog post convinced me that I would have had a good time at this conference, even though I am definitely not an "industry insider." I'm definitely an outsider looking in, but I do try to be an informed music consumer, and conferences like this one and SXSW seem like good ways to continue that education.

Anyway, check out Jason's post, he makes a good case for why you can skip most music conferences.

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Jason Feinberg said...

Thanks for linking to the article! Yes, as long as you are interested in the digital music landscape there is plenty for you at conferences like this. SXSW is also great, and Bandwidth (also in SF) is very similar to MusicTech.