Last.FM + RIAA = Bad News

Is Last.FM's parent company CBS handing over users' scrobbler data to the RIAA? TechCrunch seems to think so, and they offer some pretty decent evidence to back up this claim. Of course, Last.FM is denying everything, but TechCrunch is not convinced.

I hate to perpetuate a rumor like this, but A) TechCrunch does seem to have some good evidence and reliable sources, and B) I'm a blogger, it's my job to perpetuate unsubstantiated rumors.

Apparently this all started back in February around the leak of the new U2 album. Hat tip to Dave for bringing me up to speed on this while I was away on vacation. Speaking of which, I technically still am away on vacation, so I'm outta here. But tell me: are you planning on uninstalling the Last.FM audio scrobbler utility?

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Molly Malone said...

a) something about last.fm always seemed sneaky to me, so it wouldn't surprise me if they're moving into league with the dark side.
b) i don't know what scrobbling is exactly, but i hope to find out and scrobble tonight with my beloved after a bottle of wine.
c) as a blogger, i think it's your duty to perpetuate that scrobbling is an activity best pursued with one's lover and a bottle of wine.