Friday Playlist: Monday Edition

Behind the 8 Ball by flickr user jorr81I've been a bit behind the proverbial 8 ball lately, but I didn't want to let yet another Friday go by without a Friday playlist, even if it doesn't auto-publish until Monday. I don't have enough gas in the tank [Editor's note: how many metaphors for tired/busy can I fit into this post? TBD.] to do big writeups about each song, but there's a few tidbits below.

I'm going on vacation tomorrow, but I'll be back before you know it with another Friday playlist, I promise. Enjoy!

  1. Great mashup of Dead Prez and a track off the new Grizzly Bear album. Catchy and fun, just like me.

  2. I think their album Lunglight contains half of a really great album (specifically, the 2nd half). The first half is forgettable, but this Velvet Underground-esque number clocks in at track 12 and is indicative of the greatness of that half.

  3. Another indie darling band that everyone else heard of first. They write pretty indie pop songs.

  4. I was very excited to hear that Viva Voce had released a new album, and the fact that it's meandering and has taken me several listens to really get into doesn't mean it's bad. I'm excited that they're trying new things.

  5. I love this band and their new album is awesome. This song reminds me of The Jesus & Mary Chain.

  6. This song by Crocodiles also reminds me of The Jesus & Mary Chain, which probably means I'm thinking of a different band.

  7. This is some band my brother told me about - this song is weird and pretty and reminds me of mid-90's fuzz bands like Hum.

  8. These guys remind me a lot of Los Campesinos, with the same love of wordplay and yelling. Good stuff.

  9. Another sad Scottish band. But a good one.

  10. Since I started with a mashup, it seems only right to end with one too. David Bowie + MGMT = good times.
Have a great week, everybody.


99 said...

i like the shaky hands track. the viva voce album gets better with each listen.

99 said...

re: pains of being pure at heart. check out the short but happy career of an early 90s dc band called black tambourine. then you will have all of the answers . . .

Unknown said...

Great all around. Inspired me to d/l the new Viva Voce album, which I am totally digging.