Pandora One: $36 Never Sounded So Good

Mashable has a nice little writeup of Pandora's new subscription-based offering, Pandora One.

Key features include:

  • Higher-quality audio stream (192 Kbit/second)
  • Unlimited skips
  • Adobe AIR desktop app
  • No ads
All this and more for $36/year. Is it worth it? Remains to be seen. I think I might subscribe just for the desktop app, which sounds pretty sweet.

In other news, I recently realized that the headphone jack on my Blackberry + Pandora for the Blackberry + my trusty Radio Shack tape adapter + my car's tape deck = Pandora in my car. I like the mix of old-school and new-fangled technology here to bring me one step closer to my dream: streaming my personal music library to a mobile device, wherever I am. Come on, Logitech! Give me a Squeezecenter client for the Blackberry! Please?

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