Reading Roundup

Another roundup of news you can use...

  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation writes about the disturbing recent trend of Blogger.com deleting music blogs based on complaints from third parties about the files they hosted. In one instance, the blogger in question had received explicit permission from labels and bands for every file he posted.

  • This is old news, but with MySpace's acquisition of imeem late last year, about half the songs from my previously posted imeem playlists are no longer avaialable. Awesome. Turns out I'm not the only one, see the comments here.

  • MediaShift covers the ongoing debate between renting music and owning it outright. In a related Mashable poll, owning music beats renting it (but many users prefer a mix of models).

  • It would appear that Warner Music has chosen the ownership model in this debate, as they first announced they would be pulling all their tracks from free music-streaming services like last.fm and spotify...and then they became the latest big-ticket record label to sign a deal with eMusic, thus vastly expanding eMusic's offerings. (Way more exciting to this blogger are additions from Epitaph, Anti-, and Rhino.)
Any other music news to share? Let me know in the comments.

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