I went to SXSW! No, the other one. No, the other other one.

SXSW Interactive 2008 LogoNo, not the super-hip music festival, not the crazy cool film festival, but the ultra-into-itself-anyone-can-be-internet-famous-for-5-seconds-but-you're-not interactive festival. And it's awesome. Yesterday I took a break from not attending panels to hit up the PBS "Weirdly Wired Party" inside the amazingly cool Austin City Limits studio. It was the best party we've been to yet. Great free food and booze, no lines, free shuttle service, fantastic location... and live music!

Lighstpeed Champion and The Spinto Band both gave killer performances in a setting that was truly built to deliver incredible sound. I had never heard Lighstpeed Champion before, but they really blew me away. And The Spinto Band played both of my favorite songs of theirs, plus several others that kind of sounded like those songs, so that was great, too.

I took some shaky Blair Witch-style footage of the event. Enjoy!

Lightspeed Champion - not sure of what song this is, sorry.

The Spinto Band - "Brown Boxes"

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Unknown said...

Awesome. Brown Boxes was one of the first songs I "discovered" via Pandora. Must have been a fun show.