Mixwit Makes Me Feel Young Again

MixwitI agree with the Washington Post's Kim Hart: Playlists really are the new albums. That is why I go to such ridiculous lengths to embed them on my blog, even as I'm thwarted by technology at every turn. Still unable to create a mix tape at Muxtape, I decided to try my luck over at Mixwit, the latest oddly-named make-your-own-mix-and-save site.

The results were far superior - for one, I actually got to make a mix! That was exciting. The whole process of making it was ridiculously simple: the site lets you search for music using either "the world's greatest mp3 search engine" Skreemer, or "why has no one arrested us yet" Seeqpod. [Editor's note: actually Seeqpod seems to be relatively legit - they were a sponsor at one of the SXSW parties I attended, and their t-shirts are top-notch.] If neither of those has your song, you can simply post a link to your mp3 file wherever it's hosted, no questions asked. That's pretty cool. I see sites like this kind of like head shops: hey, we don't know what you're going to put in that 4-chamber water pipe covered with grinning skulls and Phish logos, but we trust you to do the right thing.

Of course because I'm a bit on the obsessive side about my music, I had to upload my own versions of a couple songs that I found via the search...because they weren't tagged correctly. That drives me crazy. But other than facing my own anal-retentive demons, the site is a breeze to use. It streams the uploaded tracks like a champ - I'd love to know more about how the site works. Their blog says that they're running on a Rails host, and I think I know that playlist grid control from the Adobe Flex toolbox, but it might just be a regular Flash element. Either way, it rocks.

This whole process made me feel young again (I haven't made a physical mix tape in approximately 1,000 years) so I decided to make a mix of songs that I'm way too young to enjoy. These songs aren't necessarily aimed at someone older than me in every case, but I feel like liking them means I should be a lot older than I am. Anyway, I love them all. Enjoy, and please post links in the comments to your own mixtapes!

UPDATE: Holy crap! The little wheels turn as it plays! And the tape moves to the other side as you progress through the playlist!! I am amused!!!


kate said...

OMG - I love this! I'm so glad you found it (and that I found it thru you). I feel the same way about a lot of the music that I like. People 10 and 15 years older than me like the same thing.

99 said...

lovely. i gave up approx. 3 seconds into steely dan.

Newmanium Reveler said...

It's not the brashness of the line "the cuervo gold...the fine colombian..." - it's the fact that they repeat for one minute and 40 seconds or something like that.

Beautifully eclectic mix, especially with the blue/newgrass thrown in there. Good work, Gordon!

Unknown said...

found this when Amanda was pitching it on her status line. yea, woody guthrie! i went through a guthrie phase when i was 19. wanted to learn to play guitar and stick it to the man, dustbowl style. mmm. guthrie.

Unknown said...


per your request. let me know if you have any trouble playing it.

Anonymous said...

Listened to the mix tape you made me. Very good stuff. I had it on as background music while working so I can't comment on every single song yet. You are a great man and the new blog is tight.

Check out which "Big Lebowski" quote Joe used to explain my real estate service on my new blog.