Washington, DC: Ridiculous Taxi Fares, Great Music

'Street Music' by flickr user gawnescoAs an excuse to use imeem's new playlist creation tool (see my review of it here), I decided to create a playlist of my favorite songs from DC-based artists. Inspired by this post on Creative DC, I recently started listening to some more local bands, such as Le Loup, Georgie James, and Jukebox the Ghost (I was bummed to miss them in concert recently - anyone know where I can buy their CD online?).

The results were fantastic. I'm hearing new music, and supporting the local economy at the same time. And I'm getting inspiration to finally get my band up and running. More on that later, if we ever get around to really doing it. Which we will.

Here's the playlist:

What are your favorite local bands from anywhere you've lived?


Unknown said...

You know that chick I like who's name I won't mention so as not to make all of your reader(s) roll their eyes? She's from falls church. Listen to here here:


(NB: i know a lot of ppl hate on myspace, but if you're not using it to listen to bands, you're missing out)

Unknown said...

OK, MySpace is being a little bitch, so you can pick up a couple of [whatshername]'s MP3s on her site:


99 said...

i can totally vouch for the thao CD. it's quite good.

athens, ohio. circa 1993 - pretty mighty mighty. their first album deserved to find a huge home.

from around here - soul side's soon come happy album is an all time favorite. a friend described it as "all mud, no honey."

shudder's ten spot/funeral at the movies cd (about three dreams is too great a song for me).

dischord's amazing state of the union compilation.

all the j robbins projects.

eggs' teen beat exploder whatever it's called album.

grenadine doing in a world without heroes.

unrest's imperial cd.

the new album by the apes (called ghost games). good noisy psychedelic stuff. actually not sure if that's officially released yet (thanks bittorrent!)

other stuff i can't remember.