Squeezebox Boom - Somone Please Buy Me This

Those geniuses at Slim Devices have done it again.  They have come out with the Squeezebox Boom, which is like a Squeezebox + a boombox all in one.  And yes, I want one.  Very badly.  And no, I don't really need one.  That's not the point.  [Editor's note: when it comes to consumer electronics, is "need" ever the point?]

All that's missing from this beautiful device, in my opinion, is a color-screen graphical interface so you can see album art.  But then again, I am a fan of devices doing the one or two things they're supposed to do very very well, which is exactly what the Squeezebox Classic does.  And that's basically what the Boom does, as well - it's a Squeezebox with speakers.  Brilliant!  Personally, I would use this on my back porch when I grill or take it into the kitchen when I bake dessert goodies so I never have to be alone with the sound of my own thoughts, which are often disturbing.  [Editor's note: it's usually a voice saying "you haven't posted to your blog in weeks!"]

Anyway, I want this.  If you want to give it to me, you will have my eternal gratitude.  And please use this link.  Thanks!


Unknown said...

OMG i need this for my patio!

Newmanium Reveler said...

This is actually not in reference to your post. Just wanted to compliment you on listening to Nick Lowe, as documented by last.fm widget. I'm assuming you're stuck on the "Reeling in the years" rip off? (And so it goes) or the half-Jackson 5/half-Beatles number? (Nutted by reality) Or just "cruel to be kind" over and over and over again?

Unknown said...

For close to $300 it's disappointing that it doesn't have a battery; it works only on plug in. And no i-tunes.
Don't expect me to buy it for you.