Too Many Playlists!

With the sort-of demise of Muxtape, there has been no shortage of playlist tools hitting your local internet lately.  I decided I just didn't care enough to try out all of them, but I was curious if any of you have tried any of the following:

  • Tumbletape
    Scans your tumblr blog for uploaded MP3s and makes an instant playlist out of them.

  • 8tracks
    Looks pretty similar to Muxtape, but somehow with a worse name.

  • Playlist.com
    Reminds me of imeem in terms of its whole "social" vibe.

  • Sonific
    Shut down in May 2008 before I got a chance to really play around with it.

  • Favtape
    Makes mixes based on songs you've tagged as a favorite in Pandora or Last.FM, and lets you make mixes based on a search.

  • The Hype Machine
    Not really a "roll-your-own-playlist" tool per se, but rather a really bad-ass music blog aggregrator that lets you stream tunes that are being featured that day on a huge range of music blogs.  Also lets you search by artist, tag favorites, etc.

  • Elbo.ws
    Very similar to Hype Machine, but with a totally different name.

  • Meemix
    Very similar to Pandora, but with a whole Facebook-esque social networking section (similar to imeem in that regard).  More of an internet radio station in some ways than a playlist tool, but you can make playlists on it.
Did I miss any?  Yes, undoubtedly tons.  The real question is: are any of them worth checking out?  You tell me.

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