FAWM 2011 Is Here!

FAWM is back!  The annual songwriting challenge has returned, and I am excited to dive in.  I had a blast participating last year, and I can't wait to hear what everyone (including me) comes up with this time around.  My first track is done (thought I cheated a bit and wrote part of it before February), and I thought I'd share it with all of you.  It's called "Home Tonight."

The lyrics started coming to me a few weeks ago while I was riding my bike through Prospect Park.  The sun was setting, and the sight of the snowy trees in the fading light got me thinking...and those thoughts turned into this song.  I guess you could call it a protest song, which would be a first for me - though not really surprising, as I love protesting things.

This one's definitely on the more emotional singer-songwriter side of things, so expect the next 13 to be technopop songs sung from a robot's POV, now that I've gotten this one out of the way.

This is a rough mix without too much EQ or processing.  I'll probably tweak it a bit later on, and I've also asked my insanely talented friend John to contribute some mandolin to this, which I think will fit nicely.  So consider this a rough demo.  2 guitar tracks (played on my very old Epiphone C40), 1 vocal track, all recorded through my (also very old) Shure SM58.

Snow falls, silent, all around
Wish I could lay my body down
But I've got miles to go before I'm by your side   
I wish I was coming home tonight       

You'll be there, waiting by the fire
I pick you up, and hold my heart's desire
Dawn breaks, and then at last, we finally close our eyes
I wish I was coming home tonight

We'll build that house down by the sea
Lay down my guns, such bitter company
We'll live forevermore, where there is no need to fight
I wish I was coming home tonight

Don't think I've left you all behind           
You're here with me, etched inside my mind        
And though I ride alone in a world that's painted white   
I know you ride with me tonight           

Snow falls, crimson as I pass
It's growing cold, the light is fading fast
Let them know, when they grow, that I stood my turn to fight
And I won't be coming home tonight
I wish I was coming home tonight

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