A Love Song

For this FAWM song, I asked my wife Amanda to write some lyrics for me, and she started by grabbing Entertainment Weekly and saying "pick a number." So I did, and she opened up to that page number, where someone from the latest Scream movie was being interviewed. The sentence she read aloud was something along the lines of "We were trying to shoot Ghost-face and there was literally a blizzard behind him." We both really liked the idea of ghosts in a blizzard, where they would be more or less invisible.

That idea plus a few drops of our history mixed with a lot of poetic license ended up becoming this love song.

(lyrics by Amanda Hirsch with some tweaks by me)

They say I'm a fool
With my heart open wide
Wanting this world
Nothing to hide

We met in the rain
Drops coming down
But we didn't care
There was no one around

'Cause we're ghosts in the the blizzard
Ghosts in the blizzard
Oh yeah

They said it won't last
They said we don't know
As if we can't tell
Rain from the snow

They tried so hard
To steer you and me
But we vanished away
And they couldn't see

'Cause we're ghosts in the blizzard
Ghosts in the blizzard
Oh yeah

It's a turbulent world
And it's a turbulent time
But I'm so glad, girl
I'm so glad that you're mine

& We're ghosts in the blizzard
Ghosts in the blizzard
Oh yeah

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